Race #6 – Running for Murals

Race #6: Harrisburg River Runners Mural Run

The Cause: Sprocket Mural Works, a nonprofit organization with the mission of uplifting Harrisburg PA through art.

Running friends are the best.

I wasn’t able to schedule a race this weekend or last weekend… I was keeping the weekends open because we’ve been trying to travel, to visit one of our two college “kids.” Then life took a sad turn–our beloved doggie Jack passed away last weekend. (More about Jack, in a future post.)

Running–and running friends–definitely help us through life’s “stuff.”

Several running friends have been asking me to put together a “mural run.” I’m PR director for Sprocket Mural Works and I recently began offering walking mural tours, so why not a mural run too? My friend Joanne suggested I organize it as one of my 50 races and ask for donations, so that’s exactly what I did.

Six of us (plus my friend Sally’s dog, Zoey) met at 8 am, and ran intervals between mural stops where I narrated the stories behind about 25 of Harrisburg’s 40 murals. We ended up running more than 5 miles total, including a challenge I threw out–running up Harrisburg’s Capitol steps as well. Spending time with friends, running, and sharing great art, turned out to be the best “medicine” to help me shake the blues and get my 50 races back on track. We collectively raised $100 for Sprocket’s future projects as well… I am touched and grateful for their generosity toward one of my favorite causes.

  • Murals enhance a community with art, making art accessible to all
  • Mural art sparks community connections and conversations
  • Studies show that community pride deepens as a result of murals
  • Property values rise as a result of mural art
  • A mural trail is a valuable, unique community and tourism asset

I heard from about a dozen additional runner friends who would have loved doing the mural run, except that they were already committed to marathons or half marathons on Saturday. So, chances are, I’ll be organizing another one, likely in the spring!

Two birds of a feather: Megan and I, both in the midst of “50” challenges

Also, shout out to Megan! Just as I am doing 50 runs to benefit 50 causes while I’m 50, she is working on a similar challenge: She is skiing 50 ski slopes in 50 years! Like me, she recently turned 50, and during the course of her lifetime to present, she has skiied 49 slopes. You can check out her adventures, here.



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