Race #33 – Running in the Fight Against Cancer

Mother-Daughters Run for Redding

Race #33: Run for Redding 5K, Memorial Day Weekend 2020

The Cause: All proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society

There are outstanding educators who touch our lives. Larry Redding is that kind of person. As Superintendant of the Gettysburg Area School District he touched the lives of countless youth and families–not only with his educational mark, but with his kindness. He’s one of those people who exudes goodness and kindness. And it seems so unfair that today, he’s retired but fighting cancer.

Larry, an avid runner, has completed 26 marathons. So how awesome that this fundraiser pays homage to one of his favorite activities, and raises money for the American Cancer Society at the same time?

All three of our children attended the GASD for the bulk of their school careers, with our oldest daughter graduating from GAHS. Our family lived in Gettysburg for 23 years, and although we moved about 35 miles to Mechanicsburg five years ago, we still have many friends and many ties to Gettysburg. Several friends suggested I add the Run for Redding 5K to my “50 races” and it was my honor to do just that.

We all know people whose lives are changed due to cancer. And cancer isn’t stopping for this pandemic. During this pandemic, the immune-compromised are on my mind. Who exactly is “immune-compromised?”

From the American Cancer Society: “Cancer patients are among those at high risk of serious illness from an infection because their immune systems are often weakened by cancer and its treatments…. It’s also important that both patients and their caregivers take precautions to lower their risk of getting COVID-19.”

My heart goes out to cancer patients because it’s hard enough to battle cancer, let alone during a pandemic which is surely adding layers of additional worry and stress. Cancer patients are just one group of people we are protecting when we wear masks and practice social distancing.

The mission of the American Cancer Society is to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer. Since 1946, the American Cancer Society has poured $4.9 billion into cancer research. And the Run for Redding 5K, with more than 225 runners, added more than $4,000 to this total.

Adding to the experience, I was thrilled to run this 5K around my neighborhood with both of my daughters by my side. I truly wish all the best to Larry Redding and his family, and I hope that one day he can run cancer-free, but in the meantime, it was an honor to run for him and all those battling cancer.

Memorial Day Weekend 2020


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