Race #35 – Run Across America, for Hunger

Race #35: Run Across America 5K

The Cause: Feeding America, the nonprofit organization that oversees U.S. food banks

Two or three months ago, I doubted whether I could finish this challenge of 50 races given the huge roadblock of a pandemic. Thankfully, virtual races have provided a great alternative with great causes.

Actually, a lot of virtual races are springing up to address the many needs exposed by the pandemic. One of the biggest, across the country, is hunger. The number of unemployed people, therefore in need of food, is unprecedented.

Running can help us feel like we’re part of the solution–that we’re helping others. Because, as the great runner Kathrine Switzer said…

Life is for participating, not for spectating.

Kathrine Switzer

At this time, there are so many issues swirling around us. COVID-19. Racism. Political division. Unemployment. Hunger. Homelessness.

The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other, while donating to a cause, in thoughts and action, one person at a time, adds up into a movement.

I eagerly await word of how many people participated in this nationwide race and what type of impact we had, collectively, together.

I love one of the slogans used by Run Across America, “Through our neighborhoods, helping hungry neighbors.” Today I ran through the hot, humid morning in my neighborhood, powered by several motivating factors–primarily the overwhelming desire to help “neighbors” wherever they live, near or far. I imagined the hundreds and thousands of runners doing the same thing in their own neighborhoods across the U.S. Together I hope our footsteps made a difference.

UPDATE: There were 12,000 runners who participated! And the proceeds totaled more than $137,000 for Feeding America!


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