Race #26 – Race Against Racism

Love… overcomes racism

Race #26 – 16th Annual Race Against Racism, Harrisburg, virtual format

The Cause – The YWCA Greater Harrisburg, dedicated to “eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.”

This is a cause I feel very strongly about. Racism is wrong. But especially looking through a Christian lens, discriminating against people due to their race and/or treating others as though they are inferior, is completely against Jesus’ teachings. Racism breaks my heart.

According to the latest statistics (Pew Research, 2019):

  • About six-in-ten Americans (58%) say race relations in the U.S. are bad
  • More than four-in-ten say the country hasn’t made enough progress toward racial equality

It would have been a powerful visual of acceptance, joining forces with hundreds of runners to take a stand against racism on April 25 when the race was originally scheduled. Like all races today, organizers are either turning their races virtual, postponing them for later dates, or canceling them outright.

But hopefully lots of runners posting their virtual race photos with the hashtags #RaceAgainstRacism, #RARHBG #VirtualRace, and more, will send lots of anti-racism messages just as well. Registration is still open! Please register for this race if you have the means–nonprofits are going to need support in 2020 possibly more than ever before.

In this era of COVID-19 and social distancing, running has become a haven and therapy for many including me. Runner’s World magazine recently came out with a mantra:

Run safe.

Run solo.

Stay sane.

Runner’s World

Today, I was thrilled to run my 5K virtually in my neighborhood with my college-age daughter who is home, sheltering safely in place with us. A college soccer player, she needed to run for her workout today, so I asked her to pace me and try to help me break my 5K PR–a tall task without an actual race going on around us. We chose a somewhat hilly route, but every tough uphill also evened out with a nice downhill. We were so close… we actually TIED my 5K PR which I’m pretty happy about. And… my daughter made us delicious post-race smoothies.

More positives:

  • It was a beautiful spring day
  • We loved seeing the colorful trees and flowers in bloom
  • We waved to lots of neighbors (from a safe social distance) out doing yard work, walking and biking
  • We especially loved seeing chalk art through the neighborhood, so after our run, we walked to cool down and take some pics
  • We are thinking and praying for everyone who is fighting against racism and/or fighting against a disease or illness including COVID-19
  • We are grateful for our health
  • We are grateful for unexpected mother-daughter time

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