Race #27 – Lancaster’s Race Against Racism plus Easter World Run

Happy Easter!

Race #27 – 22nd Annual Race Against Racism 5K, Lancaster PA (virtual)

The Cause – The YWCA Lancaster

Last weekend, I ran the Harrisburg Y’s Race Against Racism, and today I ran the Lancaster Y’s version, both virtually of course. Racism (anti-racism) is a cause I feel strongly about!

The Lancaster Race Against Racism’s claim to fame is that it’s the oldest “race against racism” in the entire country. What a great tradition of taking a stand against racism. And of all “causes” to run for on Easter weekend, I thought this one aligned wonderfully with the Easter message that Christ died for all.

Simutaneously, I learned about an international movement, Easter World Run 2020. A woman in Germany, Kati, started a Facebook group and invited runners to post photos from their Easter Saturday morning runs all across the world, as a way to unite runners amid the pandemic. Several running friends from my local Harrisburg area told me about the group & invited me to join in. It was beautiful to see thousands of runners’ photos being posted from across the globe, uniting us despite this time of social distancing and solo runs. #EasterWorldRun

This ties into another movement by Fleet Feet. Amid COVID-19, they are encouraging runners to post photos from their runs with the hashtags #runningisNOTcancelled and #TogetherWeMove to connect the running community virtually.

Bonus: My college-age daughter joined me for today’s run! We went further than a 5K and actually did 5.5 miles. Another fun bonus: One of my Harrisburg River Runner friends created collages of our individual Easter World Run photos since we weren’t all together physically for a group run.

Enjoy these photos from my morning Easter Saturday run in Mechanicsburg PA USA, celebrating both of these causes! XO


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